Monday, June 27, 2016

End of Year Reflection

Hi Everyone,

I plan on adding more posts to this blog in the coming year. Some exciting news that has kept me busy this year is that I was asked to teach a graduate college course but now that I am in the swing of things I will be able to dedicate more time to my blog! Looking forward to sharing my tips with you!

One thing that is important to do with your students at the end of every year is to provide them with an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned in each class. Reflections help students recall prior knowledge and form stronger memories of the fun times they have had in your class!

Here is how I structure my student reflections:

1) They are open ended: I give my students a worksheet (I will put this up in my store soon!) which has 4 connecting puzzle pieces and asks them to write/draw 4 things that stood out to them this year.
2) Give students enough time to reflect: I give my students a minimum of 1 full class period to complete their reflections.
3) Let them look back: I provide my students with their science notebooks, journals, and science folders to recall information, sometimes young minds have trouble thinking on the spot.
4) Let them color: I give my students colored pencils, crayons, and markers to help them illustrate and articulate their reflections.
5) Let them draw you!: I ask my students to complete the reflections with a task which involves them drawing a detailed picture of themselves in our science class, me, and their friends! Trust me you will get a kick out of seeing how students draw you! I take pictures of their drawings as memories as well!
6) Take it home: Remind students to keep this reflection as they get older. It will become a fond memory of theirs as they age and look back on their time in elementary school.

Hope this helps you end your year in science in a purposeful and fun way!

Keep a lookout for the reflection page in my store! Coming soon!

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